DARE’s new fighter looks like he can kill you. Twice.

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Published on February 03, 2012 with 2 Comments

(We’ve made this photo extra large to emphasize on his sheer scariness)

We’re sure that you’ve heard that DARE will be having it’s next 2 shows, 2/12 and 3/12 in March and June respectively. We’re also pretty certain that you were wondering who the scary looking guy with the tattoos in the poster is. Initially, it was a toss up between some random guy they found in a tattoo parlour and Albert from the WWE. However, upon using our superior investigative skills, we found the identity of DARE’s mystery man.

His name is Mike “The Machine” Connors and he fights out of Rhodes Island, USA. He’s stands at 6’3 and fights at heavyweight. He trains at 401MMA and he also has a 168-6 wrestling record and a 26-0 submission grappling record. This guy seems like an all round badass.

This is some pretty cool news for DARE as it can only mean that we’re going to get some good ol’ heavyweight action at DARE 3/12. It’s something that Asian fans don’t see enough of.

So check out the video on Mike “The Machine” Connor and keep your eye on this space for future updates on DARE Championships.

For more information on Dare, you can find them at:


For more information on Mike Connor, you can find him at


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  1. This guy gasses walking from his car to the tattoo shop.

  2. Wesley De Souza

    LOL Nice one

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