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Weekends are awesome. Especially when the weekend involves you going to a foreign city, drinking a lot of happy party fluids (aka booze), eating 8 Ramly burgers, getting your Bak Kut Teh fix, dancing to Pitbull in every club you go to and playing Congas in a bar seemingly owned by the Afro dude from LMFAO. I feel fat and tired from the overdose of awesomeness now but hey, that’s how we roll. The only way the weekend could have been better was if we watched some MMA. Wait, we did watch some MMA so I guess it does make the weekend one of the best we had since last weekend. Yeap, I guess so.

Anyway, now that we’re done telling you why our weekend was better than yours, the TFN crew was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to check out the newest promotion in Asia, GODS Fighting Championship. The event was initially billed as the first MMA league in Asia pitting country versus country. From what I heard they were planning to be more of a super fight league than the Super Fight League. This first event was meant to feature Team Singapore vs Team Malaysia. It was pretty bummy that the league format was shelved temporarily because some fighters pulled out due to contractual issues. However, the event did go on smoothly in the end and saw 11 matches on the fight card that were enough to satisfy those fight crazy Malaysian fans.

The event was mainly filled with some young amateur fighters who were hungry to make a name for themselves. Not a single match went to the second round which tells you how crazy these guys were. They were on 5th gear the moment the bell sounded. It was like everyone switched on beast mode from start to finish. I can relate to that because it’s the way I fight too. You should see me using Nick Diaz in UFC Undisputed. It’s like watching Kratos from God of War going ape shit crazy with the Blades of Chaos in the Octagon. Yeah, you get the point.

So what stood out in the event to TFN? Well, Nik Harris vs Gary Maclay was a pretty crazy brawl and definitely the best fight on the card, Sandro “Capo” Silva kicks like a mule, Syed Izmer’s knockout blow to Julius King (we know, his name sounds like a hotdog stand) was down right nasty and Allamurad “Pretty Boy” Karayev is a pretty big dude, no way as small as we expected him to be. On the downside, someone should have told Pretty Boy’s opponent Umutbek Malikov that in a fight you might get hit (the dude tapped out after getting punched in the face once by Pretty Boy) and the ring announcer’s voice annoyed me more than the theme song for the Super Fight League (yeah, her voice through the speakers was THAT annoying). By the way, Melvin Yeoh is pretty good and should be stepping up to a better opponent in his next fight. No offense to the “out of this world” technical ferocity of the Marsiling Combat Club but the Ultimate MMA prospect simply outclassed his opponent.

All in all, we say the GODS FC did a pretty good job for its first show despite all of the initial problems. Of course there were issues here and there but we’re sure it’ll be weeded out in the next few shows. It’s pretty obvious that with promotions such as GODS FC, mainstay Malaysia Fighting Championship and with ONE FC going to KL in June, MMA in Malaysia will be in very good hands.

Here are the results from the show:

Under Card
1) Julius King vs Syed Izmer – Syed Izmer Wins via KO Left Hook

2) Shodiyor Djurabekov vs Leon Low – Shodiyor Djurabekov Wins via TKO Punches

3) Luc Rousseau vs Muhd Hazrul – Luc Rousseau Wins via Tapout Guillotine Choke

4) Antonio “Brooklyn Monk” Graceffo vs David Khoo – Antonio Graceffo Wins via Tapout RNC

5) Nik Harris vs Gary Maclay – Nik Harris Wins via TKO Knees & Punches
(Fight Of The Night Award)

Super Fights
6) Sandro “Capo” Silva vs Dan Auguste – Sandro Silva Wins via Tapout Guillotine Choke

7) Allamurad “Pretty Boy” Karayev vs Umutbek Malikov – Allamurard Karayev Wins via Tapout Strikes

8) Andy Teh vs Donald Tong – Donald Tong Wins via Tapout Armbar
(Submission Of The Night Award)

9) Sam Chan vs Syed Hilman – Sam Chan Wins via Tapout Bull Dog Choke

Co-Main Event
10) Hanif Zainal (Malaysia) vs Zaden Gom (Singapore) – Hanif Zainal Wins via Tapout Strikes

Main Event
11) Mamat “The Spark” Sparko (79 Kilograms) vs Melvin “OverKill” Yeoh (64 Kilograms) – Melvin Yeoh Wins via Tapout via Mounted Triangle

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