It doesn’t seem like the Super Fight League is having a super good time when it comes to its place in the world of Asian MMA. With reports and rumors of it being on its last legs, getting turned down by investors and with its SFL Challengers not making much of an impact; it seems that the Indian MMA promotion is having a pretty rough time. Well folks, things got a lot worst for them because SFL CEO Ken Pavia has resigned from the organization.

SFL Chairman, Raj Kundra, released the following statement in regards to Pavia’s departure:

Unfortunately as of 1st September 2012, our CEO Ken Pavia has resigned from the Super Fight League due to personal family commitments.

He has decided to go the family way and we wish him and his family all the best and thank him for his help starting SFL in India with us.

We will continue to deliver world class events. If anyone wants to get in touch with us the contact info is available at”

Ken later posted the following message on The Underground in regards to his departure:

“Mom has cancer and I am a mommas boy plus at 46 am having my first kid and would miss much of that process spending half my time in India.

The 24 hours both ways and spending so much time there was tough. In France for meetings now.”

How Ken Pavia’s departure will affect the SFL is yet to be seen. It’s pretty obvious that Pavia’s ties with Bellator and other international organizations was one of the reasons why the Indian MMA promotion managed to get names such as James Thompson, Bobby Lashley and very soon, Jeff Monson on their shows. Whatever the case, TFN wishes Ken Pavia all the best and that his mum gets a speedy recovery.

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