Since we realized you love Adam “Shogun” Kayoom so much, we interviewed him

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We knew who Adam Kayoom was before it was announced that he would be facing Gregor Gracie at ONE FC: Destiny of Warriors. We knew he was this pretty fearless MMA fighter who has a load of black belts and a pretty cool nickname  (yeah that Rua fella has it too but it doesn’t mean it ain’t cool). Of course we also knew that he was popular when the crowd at DARE were screaming for him as if  free beer and tequila shots were being passed around.

While we knew that Adam had a fan base, we didn’t know he had such a big fan base until we wrote an article about him here. The page visits went through the roof and it became obvious to us that this home boy’s got it. So we did what any Asian MMA website out there would do, we interviewed him. Sure it’s nice to have people come to your site and read the stuff you wrote but hey, we really wantkto give you the fans what you guys love, and in this instance, it’s Adam Kayoom. So sit back and get to know Adam better as he speaks on the number of black belts he has (for real!), what he thinks of Gregor Gracie, calling out Victor Cui (kinda, well, not really) and being popular.

TFN: Hi Adam, first and foremost, thank you for granting us this interview.

A.K. : No, really my pleasure, thank you for having me!

TFN: You’re one of those guys who got into martial arts because you fell in love with the sport and not because it was cool or to get chicks. Could you tell us how and why you got into the world of Martial Arts?

A.K. : I got in to the martial arts because I was a very active kid with A.D.D. My family needed a way to channel my energy so they put me into Judo and Tae Kwon Do. It helped me focus all my energy, it kept me out of trouble and I made a lot great friends and amazing bonds with people from many walks of life.

TFN: Many websites (including ours) have reported that you have a different number of black belts from various disciplines. For the record, how many black belts do you have?

A.K. : The amount is 3, I.T.F. Tae Kwon Do, Shorinji Ryu Karate-do and blackbelt in BJJ. I think people got it confused with the different martial arts I have practiced along the way.TFN: What was it like growing up in the world of martial arts and traveling from country to country and learning from the best in the world?

A.K. : Amazing ,the people, places and experience, the lessons were invaluable. They were some of the most amazing gifts martial arts has given me and still continues to give me.

TFN: As we all know, you will be facing  GregorkGracie at ONE FC’s next event in Kuala Lumpur. What do you think about Gregor and his ability as a mixed martial artist?

A.K. : Anyone that dedicates themselves to their purpose, you have to respect and if they are a champion out of the ring octagon as well in it you really have to respect that. Regardless of who I fight I always respect my opponents. I’m not really into that whole deal of selling the fight- trash talking kind of mind set.

TFN: In actual fact the experience you’ve had as a fighter in martial arts can be comparable, if not surpasses, that of Gracie and yet many see you as an underdog going into this fight. Any thoughts on why that might be so.

A.K. : I like the thought of being the underdog. It actually gives you a lot of freedom. I think mainly for 3 reasons, 1. because of his surname. 2. He has had more MMA fights. 3. I am going up a weight category above to meet him.
At the end of the day it’s what the fighter or competitor thinks of him or herself not so much what other people think.

TFN: We all know that you openly said at your last fight at DARE that you wanted to be a part of ONE FC. In fact Victor Cui was in attendance at that event. Did you think that act of boldness on your part helped you get noticed by the promotion?

A.K. : Yeah I think so but that was not really planned I was so happy for my win, it just came out when I was given the micropho.e. It wasn’t meant to be bold.

TFN: So now that you have that coveted contract with ONE FC, what does it mean to you and what do you hope to achieve with Asia’s no.1 promotion?

A.K. : It means a great deal, I am very happy for my contract with ONE FC.

TFN: Could you tell us how you’re preparing for your fight with Gregor? Where are you holding your fight camp?

A.K. Hahahaha! It a secret ;) I am currently training in Phuket Top Team, in Phuket Thailand.

TFN: How much does it mean to you to have your ONE FC debut in your hometown of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?

A.K. : I’m very excited for this opportunity.

TFN: The last article that TFN did on you and your match with Gregor was perhaps on of the most read articles on our site, attracting a huge number of hits. Did you know that you were this popular in the Asian MMA community?

A.K. : No, not at all. It was quite a pleasant surprise.

TFN: Tell us, how do you see your fight with Gregor ending?

A.K. : I’m training for the win.

TFN: Thank you for your time Adam.

A.K. : Thank you for the interview TFN.

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  1. Great to see Adam doing so well. Met him a long time ago. He is a great guy as well as fighter.

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